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AI Promises To Change Education

by Meris Stansbury

eSchool News

Article excerpt

3 reasons why AI is education’s future

“The day will soon come when we’ll sardonically ask ourselves: ‘Remember when we had to visit a website and look around for what we needed?’ Now the data comes to us.” And while mainstream AI isn’t at that level just yet, innovative industries and some schools are already either beginning to implement AI basics or planning to structure entire departments or services on the potential power of AI.

Our take

AI: A New Partner in Education?

As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated and computers begin to learn and think independently, the prospect of artificial intelligence is moving beyond science fiction to reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) holds promise to dramatically change many industries–including education. What might the future of education look like if fueled by AI?

This author, the managing editor of eCampus News, sees AI as holding potential to boost personalization in learning and ease the administrative burden of teachers who spend too much time focused on rote, mundane and repetitive tasks. It is clear that current and future developments in AI will have a profound impact on the future of education and the ability of educators to deliver a quality experience for students.