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Next Up: A Virtual Classroom

by Moses J. Strydom, Sheryl Buckley


Article excerpt

Africa: Classrooms of the E-Future Will Be Virtual With Life-Like Reality

Groundbreaking 3D hologram technology will create a virtual classroom. The new hologram is a creative innovation that will transform electronic modes of teaching.

Our take

Out of Africa

Imagine a classroom that is not really a classroom, where students and teachers aren’t physically present with each other, and yet both have the virtual impression that they are. 3D hologram technology may turn imagination into reality. Unisa, a distance education provider based in South Africa, is currently testing the idea. What might such technology mean for the way education is delivered by your school system?

Technology offers the opportunity to extend learning opportunities into all corners of the world, to the remotest settings—as long Internet connections are available which is a big barrier. Another barrier, currently, is the high cost of this technology. Still, it’s a trend to watch and one that may hold new opportunities to connect dispersed audiences virtually.