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Addressing Bias: A Lesson From Amsterdam

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Article excerpt

School inspectors warn of rising inequality in education

There is an ‘unacceptable’ inequality in Dutch secondary schools and the children of well-educated parents are scoring better in final exams than children of equal intelligence from more disadvantaged backgrounds, according to a new report by education ministry inspectors. The inspectors’ findings, published in their annual report, echo a similar claim published by Amsterdam city council’s statistics department on Tuesday.

Our take

Being Inclusive to Ensure Digital Equality

Equity in education is an international issue as this report, published by Amsterdam city council, points out. Income inequality seems to be a major factor, but there are indications that teachers’ expectations of children may vary based on how highly educated their parents are. How can you ensure that unconscious bias doesn’t impact students in your schools?

Awareness is an important first step. A look at this report can provide some useful insights into areas you may wish to delve deeper into in your own school system. Education is also important. Teachers need to be aware of the types of biases that may impact teacher/student interactions and expectations.