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A Taste Of College

by Nanea Kalani

eSchool News

Article excerpt

Dual credit programs boost college-going rates

Hawaii public school students who earn college credits while still in high school are 1.5 times more likely to enroll in college than their peers, far surpassing state and national college-enrollment averages, a new report on the state’s so-called dual credit programs shows.

Our take

Boosting the Readiness of College-Bound Students

Dual-credit programs in high school can help to boost the odds that the students enrolled in these programs will go on to college according to a new report. Based on the experience of public school students in Hawaii, the study indicates that 81 percent of those taking dual credit programs enrolled in college compared to 53 percent among those who didn’t take the dual credit classes. How could you increase the number of students enrolled in your dual credit programs?

Not all students are college bound, of course. But, for those who are, the opportunity to boost their odds of continuing their educations after high school through dual credit programs appears promising. These classes that provide a taste of the college experience while furthering students’ knowledge and understanding of various topics. Communication is key here; sharing results like these, and providing opportunities for students to learn more about their options through interaction with instructors and students who have taken these programs in the past—and who have continued their education beyond high school—can help boost participation.