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HMH launches marketplace to connect educators, developers

Designed by HMH Labs, HMH’s dedicated incubation hub, the HMH Marketplace (Beta) offers teachers and educational content and application creators a seamless route to market and the opportunity to sell to a large educator audience. Customers can browse and navigate through a single gateway to easily locate and purchase education applications, digital learning tools, games, resources for classroom management, and original content made by teachers for teachers, such as lesson plans and instructional materials.

Our take

Bringing Teachers and Technologists Together Under a Big-Brand Umbrella

There’s a lot of creativity held within the minds and classrooms of teachers and many innovative, tech-enabled activities taking place. But teachers aren’t, typically, technologists. This new marketplace launched by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), in a beta version, provides an online option for teachers, ed-tech developers and technology companies to come together to share resources and ideas. Could your instructors benefit from participating in this marketplace?

There are other such online sites available where teachers can post, share and even sell their coursework, curricula, exercises, etc. But, HMH puts a big brand behind the concept and already has an established network of school systems, teachers and technology companies. The beta version is still under development, but those interested can sign up to learn more on the HMH Marketplace website.