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7 Tips for Fostering Online “Classrooms”

by Christopher Pappas

eLearning Industry

Article excerpt

7 Tips To Support Online Learning Communities

An online learning community is the backbone of any successful eLearning program. It gives your learners an online platform to share their thoughts, questions, and concerns, and to receive the feedback they need to achieve their goals.

Our take

Online Learning Rules of Engagement

One of the potential downfalls of online learning is isolation. The ability to connect with instructors and other online learners can be key to engagement and successful outcomes. What best practices should you incorporate into your online learning initiatives?

Online learners don’t have to feel isolated. In fact, consider the ways in which technology has enabled connections across a wide range of social media channels between people who have never met in a real-world environment. Online engagement shouldn’t be left to chance, however. This piece offers some tips for creating online communities including welcoming new participants, providing clear direction through ground rules that outline “netiquette” expectations, and finding a balance between community management without exerting too much control.