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YouTube: An Education Treasure Trove

by Kelly Walsh


Article excerpt

6 Excellent YouTube Channels Created by Inspired Teachers

Many of us wish we were creating fun content like this, but it takes a ton of time, lots of talent, and serious dedication! Much thanks to these hard working, motivated teachers who have provided fun learning content and a fantastic example to inspire our own creativity!

Our take

Channeling Creativity—and Education—Through YouTube

History, social studies, algebra and science may not seem like the type of topics that would lend themselves to engaging YouTube videos but, as these examples illustrate, creative educators around the country are finding ways to do just that. They’re not just one-offs, but channels that allow these instructors to share their knowledge with students in an ongoing, potentially interactive way.

Interested in learning from teachers around the country? These YouTube channels provide examples, insights, use cases and best practices that you can adopt or adapt in your classrooms. Their creations may spark ideas of your own. It’s easy—and free—to experiment and post your own videos.