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Level Up Village Promotes Global, Collaborative Learning

by Lyndsey Gilpin


Article excerpt

21st century pen pals: Students around the world 3D print, build apps with Level Up Village

Level Up Village partners students from developing nations with students in the US to learn about design and engineering, and in the process, they learn about global collaboration.

Our take

Interaction, Engagement and Education Across Borders

Students in developing countries are often at a disadvantage when it comes to leveraging the benefits of technology to drive improved education. Level Up Village (LUV) is an initiative that is attempting to change this; it’s an online STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) education program that incorporates collaboration to bring students together from, literally, around the world. Technology brings the world closer as this example illustrates; are there options for your classrooms to partner with students in other cultures through creative technology applications?

LUV is just one example of how collaboration and education can take place across borders, leading to learning experiences that benefit students on both sides of the information exchange. Interpersonal engagement is an added benefit as students share their enthusiasm for pop culture, music and more—gaining important cultural insights in the process.