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2016: Keeping a Close Eye on Information Security

by D. Frank Smith


Article excerpt

Information Security Ranked Top Issue for Higher Ed IT in 2016

EdTech spoke with Susan Grajek, EDUCAUSE’s vice president for data, research and analytics, about what higher education institutions should take away from this year’s list. Among the biggest shifts from last year — information security tops the list. Grajek says that ranking is related to the volume of data and the rate at which cyberthreats are increasing.

Our take

2016 is The Time For a Renewed Focus on Data Security

Security issues are becoming a bigger concern in education circles, topping the list of IT concerns according to EDUCAUSE. That’s a big shift from last year, indicating a renewed focus on an area that previously seemed to present little risk. What steps are you taking in your school system to stay on top of security needs?

Education may be lagging behind other industries (e.g. healthcare, finance, retail) when it comes to security risks and, in some respects, that could be a good thing. Why? Because there is opportunity to learn from the steps—and missteps—of others in terms of best practices and lessons learned. Now is the time for IT leaders to reinvest in information security EDUCAUSE advises. That means, potentially, letting go of old practices and looking for ways to inform, educate and communicate with staff, students, parents and other key stakeholders about their roles in keeping information secure.