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14 Best Practices for Online Teaching

by Judith Boettcher

Campus Technology

Article excerpt

A Return to Best Practices for Teaching Online

Students at a number of elementary and middle schools across the country are being asked not just to take reading, math, and other academic subjects this school year. They’re also being expected to engage in some self-reflection and discovery of their character.

Our take

Resources for Building Skills in Online Instruction

Widespread access to online learning resources has not replaced traditional instruction, and probably never will. But, more and more teachers are needing to combine traditional with online methods to provide flexibility in meeting student needs. How many of these 14 best practices have you incorporated into your online teaching methods?

If you’ve ever taught an online course, you know there are distinct differences between effective online instruction compared to classroom instruction. Those differences can be challenging. These best practices can help. In addition, there’s an explosion of content widely available through online channels that can help teachers build skills in this, and other areas of instruction.