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Strategy and Vision

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Next Steps For Personalized Learning

How do you visualize personalized learning in your classroom?

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Full STEAM Ahead

Check out six tips for bolstering the future of STEM and STEAM education.

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IT And Teachers Team Up

When teachers collaborate with IT rather than work separately, new doors open for classroom tech.

Infrastructure and Technology

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Choosing The Right Cloud Resource

Skepticism is giving way to adoption. Which cloud resource might best benefit your classroom?

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Streamlining College IT Onboarding

Here are some tips for making the online onboarding process less painful for higher ed.

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Planning For Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is coming soon for many schools. How prepared are you?

Teaching and Learning

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Virtual Summer School

Traditionally students—and their teachers—would need to physically “go to school” to take advantage of either of these summer…

Lenovo Perspective
Lenovo Perspective
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Prepping Parents For Kindergarten

How can you help prepare new kindergarten parents for the modern classroom?

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Teaching A Global Mindset

As ed tech break down barriers, we must also broaden students’ cultural perspectives.